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Macrobiotic Diet (for those that are interested )

From: Mike
Date: 10/15/00
Time: 00:48:46


Michio and Aveline Kushi have written some of the best books on the Diet as I have checked into myself.

These books include The Book of Macrobiotics; The Book of Do-In: Excercise for Physical and Spiritual Development; The Cancer Prevention Diet; Your Face Never Lies: An Introduction to Oriental Diagnosis; The Macrobiotic Approach to Cancer; Natural Healing Through Macrobiotics; How to Cook with Miso; The Changing Seasons Macrobiotic Cookbook, and Macrobiotic Pregnancy and Care of the Newborn and the bestselling book; The Macrobiotic Way.

I got my books from a used store; got about 4 of them; hope to get the rest soon.

These are some quotes taken from (The Macrobiotic Way) By Michio Kushi:

Macrobiotic philosophy teaches that a wholesome diet is the most direct path to good health. The diet points out the harmful effects modern methods of food processing and refining have upon our physical and mental health. The diet uses only whole foods and foods that are processed by traditional methods.

Samuel Epstein, M.D.., in (The Politics of Cancer), tells us that the average American now consumes 9 pounds of chemical additives per year, in the form of perservatives, artificial flavorings, and texture agents.

Quote taken from book: (An excess of calories and saturated animal fats, coupled with nutrient loss in processing and the use of additives, is largely responsible for the staggering rate of health problems in America and Western nations. Nearly one in two Americans has a chronic condition that may result in disease of some sort. The Macrobiotic diet reverses this situation by recommending whole foods of plant origin, and foods containing less saturated fat and no chemical additives that have little or no processing.

So this gives an idea of what the diet consists of. I am trying it out myself and hope that others will do the same if they're interested in a new approach.


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