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From: Luke
Date: 12/17/00
Time: 00:33:35


Just wondering if anyone else suffers from being redumbdant? (That is doing the same dumb thing over and over). After about a six-week siege of having, at one time or another, most of the symtoms of GERD, I finally feel pretty good. This strangely, occured after having a 48 hour bout with intestinal flu. It was the most I have vomited in years. Has anyone ever experienced this? Back to redumbdancy...Now that I feel better than I have in a long time, I am back to poor eating habits again. Too much and the wrong foods. Ten days ago I was thinking life might not be worth living if I felt that bad all the time. Does anyone else do this? One more question. An abdominal ultra-sound and C-Scan found an aortic aneurysm. Any information of this as related to GERD? Thanks

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