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Re: New to gerd (2 months)

From: MaryJ
Date: 12/18/00
Time: 18:54:44


Have you been tested for Helicobacter pylori? I too had very sililar pain & then had my gallbladder out - guess what - the pain didn't stop even tho they found chonic inflammation of the gallbladder! Have since had an endoscopy & been tested for Hp & found positive. It's now a month since taking antibiotics & I reckon I'm well on the way to recovery - still a bit of heartburn bur v. little debilitating pain - I even had pasta with tomato sauce & 4 glasses of wine last night with no symptoms. If your symptoms came on suddenly like mine did (12 months & a gallbladder op in the meantime) I recommend getting tested for Hp - at least it's one thing to rule out.

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