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Does Gallbladder problems cause Heartburn symptoms?

From: Kris
Date: 03/08/01
Time: 09:30:20


Hi I am wondering if you have any kind of problem with the gallbladder whether it be stones or something else can this cause heartburn symptoms? any one ever have their gallbladder removed and found that they had no more heartburn? My symptoms are heartburn occasionally feels like it is in my throat sometime and makes me very nauseated..I take pepcid complete and it seems to help. I did have H pylori at one time but took the treatment and got the breath test a month after and was negative. I am having right side pain thaT goes to my back right by my ribs, the doctor says he doesn't think it's my gallbladder that I might have "pulled" something and gave me vioxx for pain and said to take the pepcid one at morning and one at night...the vioxx doesn't seem like it took all the pain away it's still there but not as bad also I've noticed (sorry to be so blunt) but my bowel movements are loose and the same color everyday like a golden tan..it's not diahrea but let's say I'm NOT constipated! I go back to the doctor next week and if I'm still having symptoms they are going to do the blood tests they do for the internal organs..gallbladder, liver kidneys..etc. I have had this test once in dec of 2000 and also a couple of months ago in the ER room..both times they came back normal..also I have had a abdominal US around the time they found H pylori and they said everything was normal -no gallstones found...I just can't understand why I feel so nauseated all the time I even had an endoscopy and everything was fine except the h pylori!! now that is gone what else could it be? could you possibly have a problem with the gallbladder even though the blood tests are ok and you have no stones? some advice from anyone would help as I am 28 married and have a 8 year old son and am worried something is really wrong with me even though all the doctors said I'm fine.

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