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Raw vegetable juice

Date: 04/03/01
Time: 15:52:23


Fresh Home Made Raw Vegetable Juice

The great law of Life is REPLENISHMENT. If we do not eat, we die. Only by supplying our body daily with the elements of which it is composed can we have complete health.

Health is the indisputable foundation for the satisfaction of Life.

Everything of domestic joy or occupational success has to be built on bodily wholesomeness and vitality. Nutrition must be vital or ORGANIC, and salts and mineral matter must be organic in order that it may be assimilated by the human body for the rebuilding and regeneration of the body cells and tissues. The rays of the Sun send billions of atoms into plant life and by this force change inorganic into ORGANIC elements - for food.

Our bodies are made up of certain elements, sixteen of which are: Oxygen, Calcium, Sodium, Chlorine, Carbon, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Flourine, Hydrogen, Potassium, Iron, Silicon, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Iodine, Manganese

Except in the case of accidents, all repairs and regeneration of our body must come from within. If the blood steam does not contain these elements in their Proper Proportions, then the body is out of balance. To retain this balance, the food we eat must contain live, organic elements, and these are found in raw vegetables and fruits. As soon as food is cooked in an open vessel, its oxygen is lost and much of the vital force is destroyed.

As a rule it will do no great harm to eat cooked foods, provided that a sufficient quantity of live food is also taken. The juices extracted from fresh raw fruits and vegetables form the means of furnishing all the cells in the body with the elements they need, in the manner in which they can be most readily assimilated.

There is not a drug in the world that will supply the blood stream with anything in a way in which the body can use it for permanent repair or regeneration. One can eat four or five big meals a day, and yet the body may be starved through lack of vital elements.

Fruit juices are the cleansers of the human system, but the fruit should be ripe. An apple a day will keep the doctor away if we also eat plenty of other raw food. But fruits, with only three or four exceptions, should never be eaten at the same meal with starches and sugars. Fruits, in sufficient variety, will furnish the body with all the starch and it needs.

Vegetable juices are the builders and regenerators of the body. They contain all the minerals, salts, enzymes and vitamins needed by the human body, provided they are used fresh, raw and without preservatives, and have been properly extracted from the vegetables.

Consider This Analogy One day you happen to notice a large crack in the plaster on your living room wall. So, you phone up a building contractor to come and repair it. He shows up, scrapes off some of the old plaster and repairs the crack. He touches it up with a bit of fresh paint, stands back and says "There you are, good as new!" You cringe - because you know it won't be long before another crack appears.This is the Pill you take to relieve a painOn the other hand suppose you called in a building contractor with Very High Standards This builder brings his crew with him. After conducting a thorough inspection, they get to work. First, they excavate and shore up the sagging foundation. Then they remove ALL the weakend plaster and repair all of the affected wall structure. And, finish up by completely re-plastering the entire wall. After a full coat of paint - the contractor hands you a bill and a Guarantee and exclaims "There you are! You'll never have another crack in that wall!" Nature Takes A Little Longer but the repairs are Good and Permanent!

Raw Vegetable Juice works naturally to Heal, Rebuild and Replenish. Evidence of it's work may not be noticed immediately. But daily consumption of two to four glasses of a variety of Fresh Juices will gradually, gently and efficiently give Lasting, Permanent Results.

The Great Digestive Clenser Carrot Juice Carrot juice has the effect of normalizing the entire system. Rich in vitamins A,B,C,D,E,G and K. It helps to promote appetite, is a valuable aid to digestion, excellent for building and maintaining bone structure. Raw carrot juice prevents infections of the Eyes, Throat, Tonsils, Sinuses and Respiratory Organs. Intestinal and Liver diseases, Dry Skin, Dermatitis and other skin blemishes are sometimes due to a lack of some of the elements found in Raw Carrot Juice.

One carrot 7 inches long and about 1 inch in diameter, yields the following nutrients: 27 mg. calcium 26 mg. phosphorus 0.5 mg. iron 34 mg. sodium 246 mg. potassium 7,930 I.U. vitamin A trace amounts of vitamin B-complex 6 mg. vitamin C Another nutritional analysis, performed by Lancaster Laboratories, listed these additional nutrients per 10 ozs of carrot juice: 25 mg. magnesium 0.6 ppm chromium, 4% sugar content by weight. The use of carrots and especially carrot juice as a therapeutic agent is an ancient practice. As long as a 150 years ago, books published in Germany speak highly of the healing properties of this vegetable in treating disease.

Many Health Problems are mainly due to an OVERLY ACID CONDITION of the blood, caused by poor diet and life-style habits. The potassium in the carrots helps to neutralize the excess acid and the vitamin A assists the liver in removing toxins from the body.

Spinach Juice Spinach has been recognized for a long, long time as The Most Vital Food for the entire digestive tract. Raw Spinach contains the finest organic materials for the clensing and regeneration of the intestinal tract.

Celery Juice Celery juice is an excellent food for the blood because of it's high content of Magnesium and Iron. Celery juice is also rich in organic Sulphur and Calcium.

Parsley Juice Extremely Potent, Parsley juice should never be taken alone. It should ALWAYS be mixed with sufficient quantities of Carrot and other juices. Parsley juice enhances the flavour and healing qualities of Carrot and Celery or Carrot and Spinach juice mixtures.

Cabbage Juice The most valuable properties in Cabbage juice are the high Sulphur and Chlorine content and a large percentage of Iodine. Cabbage juice is a clenser of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestinal tract. This only applies if the Cabbage juice is NOT SALTED

Lettuce Juice Lettuce contains approximately 38% Potassium, 15% Calcium, 5% Iron, 6% Magnesium, 9% Phosphorous and 8% Silicon. (Not including the water content) Silicon and Phosphorous are exxential elements for the proper maintainence of the Skin, Sinues and Hair.

Cucumber Juice This remarkable vegetable is probably the best Diuretic known. Excellent for promoting a smooth flowing urinary tract.

Tomoto Juice Tomato juice is rich in ALL the most vital elements required to neutralize an excessively acid condition. This applies only if the Tomoto juice is NOT SALTED and is not taken during a meal that contains any Starch or Sugar. Benzoate of Soda - added to Tomato juice is harmful.

Doctors warn that Tomatoes should be avoided. Don't you believe it. They must be thinking of the Commercial, Canned variety which is heavily salted and dead. Fresh, Raw, Well Ripened Tomato is very highly Alkaline in nature.

In the reconstruction or regeneration of the body by natural means, it is important to bear in mind that Natural Foods - taken in the form of Vegetable Juice - will start a House Cleaning Process throughout your entire system which may be, and usually is, accompanied by a period of aches or pains in the regions of the body where the clensing is taking place. You may even feel that the juices are making you ill.

Absolutely Untrue!. If the juice is made from clean, fresh vegetables, it can't possibly make you ill. You must realize that the aches and pains are a clear sign that the healing process is well on it's way. The more juice taken, the faster the recovery. Preparing Fresh Raw Vegetable Juice Choosing The Right Juicing Machine If you don't already have a juicer, here are a few useful things you might look for

1. Power is important because a low quality machine will not masticate the vegetables properly. Good quality juice cannot be obtained unless the fibres are thoroughly broken down.

2. Easy Cleaning is essential, mainly because a machine that is difficult and time consuming to clean will tend to discourage juice making. Complicated, hard to clean machines are indicative of the cheaper, less reliable machines.

3. Pulp Expulsion. Look for a machine that spits out the pulp on the fly. Poorer models require constant pausing to clear out the discarded material.

I use a Champion Juicer. Quite powerful, Easy to clean and reliable.

Preparing The Vegetables Do Not Peel the vegetables. Many of the best nutrients are located just under the skin and would be lost in the peeling process. Just wash them thoroughly usine a stiff brush and running water. Cut off any blemishes or discolorations.

Push the vegetables through the machine at a reasonable rate. Always remember the importance of proper mastication. A sign of good juice making is dry pulp. Some vegetables need to pe processed two or three times to extract ALL the juice. Keep a small bowl handy to catch the pulp as it is expelled and simply toss it back in.

It's a good idea to strain the juice. Mainly to make it more pleasant to drink.

You should make the juice daily. This will ensure that you're getting the full value from the vegetables. Juice loses it's vitality quickly. Also, making lesser amounts makes the job less tedious.

Juice Recipes to Clense and Alkalize your body. The following juice mixtures are chosen for two reasons. For Taste and for Combinations of Elements they contain that are complimentary to each other. Although there are thousands of Vegetable Juice recipes available, these are chosen mainly for their healing qualities in the area of Acid Reflux.

The recipes are described to make 16oz. batches. Feel free to adjust them slightly for taste and quantities. They are guidelines only.

Carrot, Celery, Parsley and Spinach Juice 7 oz. Carrot juice, 4 oz. Celery juice, 2 oz. Parsley juice, 3 oz. Spinach juice.

Carrot, Celery, and Spinach Juice 7 oz. Carrot juice, 6 oz. Celery juice, 6 oz. Spinach juice.

Carrot, Beet and Cucumber Juice 10 oz. Carrot juice, 3 oz. Beet juice, 3 oz. Cucumber juice.

Carrot and Lettuce Juice 10 oz. Carrot juice, 6 oz. Lettuce juice.

Carrot, Beet and Lettuce Juice 9 oz. Carrot juice, 3 oz. Beet juice, 4 oz. Lettuce juice.

Carrot, Beet and Spinach Juice 10 oz. Carrot juice, 3 oz. Beet juice, 3 oz. Spinach juice.

Carrot, Cabbage and Celery Juice 7 oz. Carrot juice, 4 oz. Cabbage juice, 5 oz. Celery juice.

Carrot, Celery and Parsley Juice 9 oz. Carrot juice, 5 oz. Celery juice, 2 oz. Parsley juice.

Cabbage and Celery Juice 5 oz. Cabbage juice, 11 oz. Celery juice.

Celery, Lettuce and Spinach Juice 7 oz. Celery juice, 5 oz. Lettuce juice, 4 oz. Spinach juice.

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