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Re: How long does gastritis last

From: Lisa
Remote Name:
Date: 06/19/02
Time: 02:42:30 PM


A couple of things. It might be a good idea (and wouldn't hurt) to get tested again for H-Pylori. Ask your doctor to do a simple blood test. The only treatment for HP is a "Full" two week course of antibiotics. What I'm about to tell you, can also be confirmed by your doctor tomorrow. Gastritis IS curable. If your gastritis isn't caused by H-Pylori and you are not a long time user of asprin, and antibiotics, than the gastritis is caused by "Exssesive" stomach acid, which would explain your reflux. It sounds as though acid is the problem. Since acid is the problem, a PPI is the way to treat it. You must first stop the acid so that the stomach lining has the appropriate means and plenty of TIME to heal. It didn't happen in two weeks, therefore it's not going to take two weeks to heal. From what it sounds, you have not taken your medicine as prescribed on a "Long Term Basis" therefore you are not going to get better. There's no two ways about it. None. Your medicine has to be taken EVERYDAY at the same time just like you would do with an antibiotic for an illness. If you had pneumonia, you wouldn't take a pill here and there. It would be the full course of antibiotics correct? Gastritis is the illness and the PPI is the antibiotic. You can not take one whenever you feel the need. They don't work that way, believe it or not. It needs to be taken for a long time. If your doctor told you to take one for the rest of your life. Than he saw something you didn't or don't understand. Meaning your gastritis may take lots of time to heal. I'm sure not for the rest of your life (Maybe so), but long enough consecutive! When I was diagnosed with gastritis two years ago, I took the prevpac and was told to take my prevacid EVERYDAY, but didn't. The prevpack was it. The pain did not go away. I went to see another GI. He gave me nexium and told me to take it everyday and to see him in four weeks. I did for two weeks and stopped. Felt no different. I wanted instant gratification. Something that does NOT exsist with gastritis. Still in pain I went to a third GI and had another endoscopy, now I had chronic gastritis as a result of having the gastritis so long to begin with. I was told that I "Must" take the medicine until my doctor tells me to stop, otherwise, I'll never get better, but worse. Do you know how many pharmacists I spoke with after this, doctors, nurses, etc, etc who all said the same thing? I couldn't begin to tell you. I finally broke down and told myself that I'm NOT the doctor, nor did I go to medical school. Why I though I knew more than them was beyond me. Ignorance was not bliss in my case. I finally took my meds EVERYDAY and din't miss one single dose. It's now been six weeks and I'm feeling as though gastritis is a thing of the past. I've done much reasearch and read everything there is to know about gastritis and it all takes TIME and acid supression. Lots of it!! It can take up to a year or two and you must take your medicine. The acid needs to be stopped. If you continue to defy the doctors, you are only hurting yourself and actually make your condition worse. The worse it gets the harder it is to fix! It was a PPI that did it for me, not a H2 blocker or over the counter antacid and I took it everyday. Do yourself a favor, and take your medicine!

Good Luck- Lisa

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