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sore stomache

From: tammy
Remote Name:
Date: 07/17/02
Time: 11:09:29 PM


well i went to the hospital about 2 months ago and i was having really bad stomache pains when it comes time to eat i have to make myself cause i sometimes feel i'm gonna pass out and it is sore right under my breast bone and right in the middle under my heart it really hurts and i always burp i don't have heart burn never had it before but it's just the stomache that hurts all the time i hope it isn't an ulcer or something else i've been checked for cancer but the tests came back negative i'm hoping i can get something done somewhere my doctor is away on holidays is there a walk in clinic i could go to and they will check to see if i had an ulcer and my mouth always has a yukky watery taste in it too like when i eat i'll taste the food for a second then i get the yukky watery taste back right when i'm done eating i hope someone will write back ty for listening to my comments.

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