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Re: anxiety, gerd, and fundo to GW

From: kathy
Remote Name:
Date: 07/18/02
Time: 04:08:50 PM


hi i just wanted to make a comment i to was dig with H phlori and now i am finding out i have anxiety attacks as well i do believe they do go hand in hand they tried to treat the H phlori and i was alleric to the med they gave ,me so now i have to so see a specialist to see what they can do to get the H phlori fixed and hope the anxity will go as well i have never had so ,many problems before i got the H plylori in my life everything was good never saw the dr never had anything and this last 3 weeks has been hell i am nervous all of the time i have a buring pain in my arms and back whick i think it is caused by the anxitey attacks so i go see a specialist next week and hope they can get me cured and soon and bet my anxciety will go away as well does anyone else feel the same way as i do or any coments will sure help me and thanks kathy

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