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Re: Tests

From: cbg
Remote Name:
Date: 07/21/02
Time: 10:19:37 PM


I recently had both tests done. For me, the worst part of the manometry test was inserting the tube in my nostril. Apparently I have very small nostrils. The tube wouldn't even fit in the right nostril and just barely made it through the left nostril. After that, there was just some discomfort. I had difficulty controling my swallowing so that I only swallowed when the tech told me to. I did not realize that swallowing would be so crucial to the test beforehand. If I had, I would have psyched myself up to control swallowing. The 24-hour pH test was a breeze! Just prepared that you may not be allowed to bathe or shower while you're hooked up. (I didn't know that beforehand and wished I had.)After the manometry test's discomfort, the 24-hour pH test was a relief because the wire was so much smaller than that tube.

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