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esophagus feels closed down... full of air.. constantly spasming.. even liquids get stuck... anyone else?

From: Lilly
Remote Name:
Date: 07/22/02
Time: 04:14:50 PM


There is not only the sensation of something the size of a fist being stuck in the throat at all times but.. when I swallow, fluids gets stuck there. Air pockets seem to gurgle around in there with the spasming and it seems to burp from the throat only. I can't take much... as 1/2 a glass of milk will stick there for hours.. some days I eat nothing at all, cuz when I try to eat soft foods like one snack pack pudding, the pressure and spasms from the FIST thingy are so bad.. and it continues for about 5 hours. Pills are the worst pain wise. Does anyone identify, or have any idea what it might be? I went from unable to eat solids cuz they got stuck to soft foods only, which also got stuck.. to liquids stuck now all in a few months. Even with NO liquids etc. there is a fist in the throat and spasming etc. but with even a table spoon of soft cream cheese for example as a meal.. horrible spasms and it feels totally sealed off in the middle throat/esophagus area. I can even feel the pressure from the outside of the throat as well as inside and pressing on it from the outside makes the spasms worse too. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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