CalciBlend & Coffee Tamer
(Works wonders on food!!)


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It works great for me. I put ketchup on my hamburger today. Sprinkled a little Tamer on it and had no problem.. I do not drink coffee but do use it in lemonade and ice tea. I can tell it is working in the lemonade and ice tea as it takes the tang out of it. I always take it with me when I go out to eat. I never know what might be available to eat or exactly what is in the food. Tamer has saved me on several occasions. By the way, I take Prilosec 20mg a day as well.


I got the Coffee Tamer for Christmas. Having the occasional coffee is such a gift -- I almost feel normal. The first day I received it I tried it in some coffee and it worked!! Soooo, I pulled out some chocolate turtles (five of them!!!!) and sprinkled it on them and it worked!! I ate spaghetti with tomato sauce for supper and oranges for dessert and it worked!!! I realize that I need to exercise restraint, but I had been feeling deprived for so long. I don't want to overdo it so am back to my gerd diet now. It is just that it is so wonderful to sit in a coffee shop and have the occasional coffee.


Hooray for Tamer !!!!!!

I had chili for dinner.. at about 5pm ..sprinkled liberally with food tamer...so far so good...by now I should be feeling bad and I feel great...not so much as a burp...love that stuff...you all should give it a try !!!! Thanks Hawk for making it available to us here...



Coffee tamer rocks! From the first sip of coffee you take you can tell it works. My tummy is loving life now! 


I have suffered with Gerd for three years now.
I could not eat a lot of my favorite foods without
having heartburn. Now I sprinkle a little Coffee Tamer
on the food and I can eat them once again!
Thank You Heartburn-help
                                       Rob, NY
I couldn't drink coffee which I dearly love. When I discovered Tamer, I could drink coffee with no ill effect so I carry it with me everywhere and put two packets in my coffee. It reduces the acid enough so that I can drink coffee with no problem. It's a great product. 
                                         Anne, NV
I got some in the mail last week, and used it over the weekend. Works WONDERFULLY!

I haven't really ENJOYED a cup of coffee in over two years for fear of what it does to me.

I had two cups with the Tamer in it on Sat. morning, NO PAIN, and it leaves no aftertaste either. I am going to try the Food Tamer stuff next.


Hi. I've purchased the Coffee Tamer when I was in NY. It's a GREAT product! I also like the fact it's in convenience packets for travel. I am borderline Barrett's and had the Nissen surgery in March. Keep up the great work with an EXCELLENT product!


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