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Scheduled for my second endoscopy next Friday......

From: MMN
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Date: 04/18/2002
Time: 08:32:26 PM


I went to see the new Gastro guy todaywith my paper work from Columbia in hand....he somewhat agrees, but thinks that I should have another endoscopy before the ph and manometry...as I only had the one in aug of 1999......I agree...but I have to say...I was pretty grossed out by the report on Good Morning America this morning...DAW posted a link to the article below...I did question the tech people about it and they said they wetre grossed out too and that their's are really clean....I want to believe them....any way, I really liked this doc...he was really interesting...knows Donald Castell personally...we discussed alot of the new technology out there...he did mention that I may be a possible candidate for the Stretta, but of course I need to have all of these tests done first.... they took many vials of blood from me....and I know he wants to adjust my meds after the scope....He showed me all of the conference material he has on all of these things...many of the conferences given by Donald castell...also copied a few articles and flat out told me that reflux is his obsession!!!!! He does believe in bile reflux, but does not think it is my problem...we talked a bit about Dr katz in Philly ...any way he spent more than 1 1/2 hours with me....quite a chracter and a refreshing change I might add....I have some renewed hope for answers.....MMN

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